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    • Target of EHS
    Realize intrinsic safety and environmental protection
    Safety production policy:
    Safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment, full participation and continuous improvement!
    Ecological environment protection policy:
    Promote comprehensive utilization and innovate ecological system; Adhere to green and low-carbon, and build a beautiful YABEN!
    • EHS principles
    • EHS principles
    Adhere to the bottom line of safety and environmental protection and do not touch the red line of safety and environmental protection
    Core of safety management:
    Risk classification management and control and hidden danger troubleshooting
    Keep one operating principle in mind:
    "All operations must be confirmed before they start"
    Strengthen a management attitude:
    "Security has the overriding priority"
    Firmly believe in a safety concept:
    "All risks can be controlled and all accidents can be prevented"
    • EHS Management Committee
    • EHS Management Committee
    The EHS Management Committee is the highest management organization of the EHS management system, which exercises unified leadership over the EHS work, and is composed of the main responsible persons of all functional departments and the first responsible persons of all base enterprises (companies).
    The EHS Management Committee has an office, which is located on the EHS platform and is responsible for handling the daily affairs of EHS management.
    Responsibilities of EHS Management Committee
    • 1

      Implement the national policies and regulations on work safety, occupational health and environmental protection, and study and formulate annual plans and long-term plans.

    • 2

      Study, coordinate, guide and solve major EHS problems.

    • 3

      Formulate EHS related rules and regulations and supervise their implementation.

    • 4

      Organize relevant professional experts to review the EHS management system and urge all units to rectify the hidden dangers found.

    • 5

      Prepare EHS technical measures and scientific research plans and plans, and organize the implementation.

    • 6

      Implement the provisions of "three Simultaneities", review the initiation and design of large and medium-sized key projects, and participate in the completion acceptance.

    • 7

      Organize experts to inspect the major hazard sources of the affiliated enterprises, and urge the enterprises to carry out safety assessment, occupational health assessment, environmental impact assessment and EHS management system certification.

    • 8

      Organize she experience and academic exchanges, promote modern scientific management methods of EHS, and carry out EHS publicity training and competition activities.

    • 9

      Organize or participate in the investigation, analysis and treatment of accidents, and do a good job in accident management.

    • 10

      Establish and improve EHS information system, and carry out statistical analysis and feedback on relevant information.

    • 11

      Establish the EHS annual responsibility assessment objectives and the assessment mechanism for daily management work, and regularly check and assess the EHS work of the base enterprises and business sectors.