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    Near thought Forum
    The year 2016 marks the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Department of chemistry of Fudan University. In order to further broaden the professional vision of teachers and students, improve the scientific research level of the chemical discipline, promote the rapid development of Fudan's chemical discipline, and strive to build it into a world-class chemical discipline as soon as possible, Fudan has set up a "thinking forum"."
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    National Watershed Pollution Control Research Laboratory of Fudan University
    On November 25, 2015, the Department of chemistry of Fudan University and YABEN Chemical Co., Ltd. signed a framework agreement on university enterprise cooperation at the innovation center located at libing Road, Zhangjiang, Shanghai, formally establishing Fudan YABEN chemical joint laboratory and YABEN Fudan joint innovation center.
    China homogeneous catalysis Youth Award
    The "China homogeneous catalysis Youth Award" is an award established in accordance with the award regulations of the homogeneous catalysis Professional Committee of the China Catalysis Society, aiming to reward young scientific and technological workers who have made creative achievements in the research of homogeneous catalysis science and technology.
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    YABEN chemistry has always paid attention to cutting-edge scientific research and supported the development and industrialization of science and technology. The "offshore academician forum" is a high-level and multi-dimensional communication platform that can bring together high-end people from the academic, industrial and government circles to promote the effective docking and interaction between industry, University, research and application. It is a place where ideas of cutting-edge science converge. The reason why YABEN chemical chose to sponsor the "offshore academician forum" is that it hopes that through this platform, more people can understand the frontier scientific and technological fields, purge innovative ideas, boost industrial development, and make some contributions to scientific innovation, science and technology and industrial development in Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country. It also coincides with the concept of "giving play to creativity" of YABEN chemical.