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    Based on the concept of developing green technology, YABEN chemical has long been committed to the accumulation and innovation of chiral and heterocyclic chemical synthesis processes and biological enzyme technology, and has independently developed a series of products including unnatural amino acids, heterocyclic aromatic templates, pharmaceuticals, pesticide intermediates, biocatalytic enzymes and so on. YABEN chemical's R & D sites include two R & D centers in Zhangjiang pharmaceutical Valley, adjacent to the R & D institutions of multinational pharmaceutical enterprises such as GSK, Roche and AstraZeneca in China, and the process development laboratory in Taicang base. The supporting GMP kilogram level laboratory and pilot plant can provide customers with process development and amplification services from gram level to kilogram level and even 100 kilogram level.

    In addition, YABEN chemical has established a pharmaceutical intermediate R & D center in Songjiang, Shanghai, which was rated as the enterprise technology center of Songjiang District. Songjiang R & D center covers an area of 1000 square meters and has advanced analytical and testing instruments and intermediate synthesis laboratories. It can be engaged in route development, process research and development, pilot scale-up and quality standard research and development in the laboratory stage.

    YABEN chemical also has a biological enzyme research and development center in Huzhou. The center has a group of senior experts in the research and development and utilization of biological enzyme technology, and a leading domestic biological enzyme laboratory. It has accumulated rich technical research and development and industrialization experience in enzyme gene cloning, expression, transformation, fermentation, separation and extraction, enzyme reaction and immobilization. In addition, YABEN chemical and Shanghai Institute of organic Sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly build a chiral compound development platform, which enables both parties to play a greater advantage in process development, resource sharing, raw material procurement, and industrialization.

    Experimental and analytical equipment
    Precision Electronic Balance


    Agilent HPLCs & GCs

    Prep. HPLCs

    AB 4000 QTRAP? LC/MS/MS System

    NMagritek Spinsolve NMR Spectrometer

    Radleys Parallel Reaction Stations

    NMRRadleys Jacketed Lab Reactors 20L

    Corning Advanced-Flow Reactors G1 (AFR)

    Corning Lab Reactor System (LRS)

    Differential Scanning Calorimetry(DSC)

    Advanced Reactive System Screening Tool (ARSST)

    Mettler Toledo Electric Titration Apparatus

    Mettler Toledo KF Titrators & Moisture Analyzers





    • R & D Center
    • Technology
    Chiral technology
    Asymmetric hydrogenation, asymmetric oxidation, asymmetric hydrocyaniding, chiral resolution and racemization.
    Enzyme catalyzed reaction, microbial reaction, fermentation, genetic engineering, protein engineering, immobilized enzyme / microorganism.
    Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds
    Thiozole, Oxazole, Benzoimidazole, Tetrazole, Quinolinone, Pyrimidine, Aza-indoles, Triazoles, Pyrazoles
    Reaction type
    High pressure hydrogenation: (pressure range: atmospheric pressure ~ 100atm) Catalyst application: rhodium complex, ruthenium complex, iridium complex, manganese complex, palladium, nickel, cobalt, platinum