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    Since its establishment, YABEN chemical has attached great importance to R & D. after years of development, the R & D center of the company has been quite large. The company has won the titles of high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province and Shanghai city.
    Cro is the abbreviation of contract R & D, cro: contract research organization, also known as clinical research organization, and CMO is the abbreviation of contract manufacturing organization. It is an organization mode in the outsourcing industry.
    Based on the R & D center and relying on the company's resources, YABEN chemical can provide customers with one-stop services and integrated solutions from R & D to production: including contract R & D services such as synthesis route design, process and analysis method development and optimization, as well as customized production services such as kilogram scale, pilot scale production, registration and verification batch production, and large-scale commercial production. The company is highly focused on the core customization service business and has many years of customization production experience. It can efficiently carry out pilot scale-up, technical verification and commercial production, ensure product quality stability and safety, and save time and cost for customers.
    Multiple kilogram laboratories, reactor volume from 10 to 100 liters
    A variety of internationally advanced analytical detectors (NMR, h-plc, LC-MS, GS-MS, D-SC, arsst, etc.)
    A multi-functional pilot plant meeting GMP requirements, which can conduct pilot scale-up studies of multiple projects at the same time
    High speed and convenient network database
    We have a domestic leading and international first-class technology platform

    Through years of efforts, YABEN chemical has accumulated many years of technology in chiral synthesis technology, nitrogen-containing heterocycle synthesis technology, and sugar chemistry technology.

    At the same time, YABEN chemical actively cooperates with domestic first-class scientific research institutes to study the industrial application of the most advanced synthesis technology at home and abroad. For example, the company and the Shanghai Institute of organic Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly built an enterprise academician workstation,

    It has cultivated a number of high-end technical personnel and gradually established a domestic leading and international first-class technical service platform.

    A.Surgical synthesis
    It has strong advantages in the application of synthetic technology, ligand screening and production, industrial chiral separation and recycling.
    B.Synthesis technology of nitrogen-containing heterocycles
    In the field of nitrogen-containing heterocycles, such as azaindoles, the mother nuclei have unique technologies. The developed process is suitable for commercial production and the product quality is high.
    C.Sugar chemistry technology
    It has a proprietary technology development team in the field of sugar chemistry, and is equipped with mature industrial column chromatography separation equipment and industrial full-automatic protein purification instrument.
    1、Crams production support system
    • we have production plants and supporting equipment that meet cGMP and ISO9001 standards. YABEN chemical has production plants and supporting equipment that meet GMP and ISO9001 standards. YABEN chemical has three plants in Jiangsu Province, including three pilot plants, a multi-functional and proprietary production line with a reaction volume of 4500 cubic meters, and two high-pressure workshops equipped with high-pressure glass lined, stainless steel and Hastelloy material hydrogenation reactors.
    • production capacity: kg to tonnage
    • reaction temperature: - 70oC to 250oC
    • reaction kettle:50L ~ 25000L
    2、Other production support systems of crams

    • Equipped with a proprietary project leader

    • ESH technology platform has great impact on security Technical and management support for three wastes treatment

    • Mature quality management system

    • perfect intellectual property protection system